Sell mustard seeds, hulled millet and flax - LarSeeds

Sell Mustard Seed, hulled millet and Flax.

Wholesale seed supplier LAR Group B.V. Holland, Europe.

In LarSeeds you can buy:
-mustard seeds, hulled millet, red millet and other bakery and bird seeds.
Which type of packaging we provide?
There are several option we can provide:
- Big bags
- 25 kg paper bags on euro pallets
- 22.68 kg paper bags on euro pallets
What is the price of seeds?
We always tend to be competitive, price for our seeds depends on some factors:
- quantity of order,
- packaging,
- sales terms
When we know your wishes we can come back with prompt quote.
Do we have discounts?
Yes we have discounts if the order is big.
How to order seeds?

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